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Dog (1), answers to Everett and, occasionally, Ewerett

Phaser (1, energy module modified)
PADD (2, one modified to sync with network)
☀ Standard-issue Communicator (2, one modified to sync with network)
☀ Standard-issue utility belt (2)
☀ Medkit (1) including:
             Medical tricorder (not operational)
             Laser scalpel
             Preloaded hypospray
             Tri-ox compound
             Medical tape

☀ Full command uniform (ensign), with a tunic that's too short in the sleeves
             PLUS Sulu's tunic, which fits perfectly well (the lieutenant stripe is nice, too)
☀ Full engineering uniform (ensign), repaired by Mrs. Weasley
☀ Suit made by Sophie, which may be a little bit magic as it has managed to remain the exact right size
☀ Hand-knitted jumper from Ginny
☀ An amazing silk tie with a nebula print

Picture of Chekov and Sulu at the Academy
Picture of Tessa

☀ Tessa's copy of Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities
☀ Miscellaneous astronomy and cosmology books left by Amory Felix
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus from, of course, Kirk
How to Build Your Own Spaceship from Mae

☀ Laser guns (3) made with components available in the City
☀ Gutted medical tricorder (1)
☀ A number of charts of the City's stars (and some familiar routes at home drawn from memory)
☀ Exceedingly nice telescope (1)
☀ Dismantled microwave (1, theoretically being turned into a replicator)
☀ Discarded mechanical devices (countless, in various states)
☀ Antique navigational devices, including:
             Adrianov compass
             GPS (it IS ancient, shhh)

☀ Seriously kickass motorcycle (1, an apology gift from Hei)
☀ Crates of quality vodka (more than Chekov will ever be able to drink, also from Hei)
☀ Red key that is secretly--surprise!--an RDX-based explosive (2, thank you, Hei)
☀ A blue candle with white flecks from Laruna
☀ A rather magnificent plaster replica of the Enterprise from Q (still unpainted)